Portable Weigh-In-Motion


Weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems involves sensors placed below the roads surface to measure the weight of vehicles passing over them and other data such as speed, axle load and spacing and type of vehicle passing. This data is used to impose weight limits on trucks and is also useful in a wide range of other applications, such as pavement design and traffic analysis.

Construction and Maintenance of permanent roadside WIM stations involves a huge cost, so these systems are installed primarily on roadways with heavy traffic, such as interstate and trunk highways, and rarely used for rural local roads. Meanwhile, heavy truck volumes on local roads are increasing, significantly shortening their lives. Portable WIM system is needed for such roads which is low on cost and collects data that can be used to better design these roads so as to accommodate heavy truck traffic.

One solution for bringing WIM technology to local roads is to implement a portable, reusable system similar to pneumatic tube counters used to conduct traffic counts.

Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scales provide authorities the ability to bring screening and/or direct enforcement capabilities to areas not served by permanent weigh stations.

Wireless communication between scales and optional indicators allows for quick set up and easy operation.

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