Smart Bins in India

big belly

Power Electronics offers solar-powered, compact, smart bin solutions that transform public space waste management with a cloud-connected system.

A leading provider of smart IoT based waste management and logistics solutions, MassTrans offers a cloud-based solution that gathers, consolidates, and analyses data from smart and connected stations, providing real-time alerts, live status, and historical reports that help optimize operations and beautify public spaces. The stations are modular and support any combination of waste streams at each location. Waste Streams include Trash, Single Stream Recycling, Bottles & Cans Recycling, Paper Recycling, and Compost/Organics.

Stations are closely placed and fixed at public spaces to capture pedestrian waste & recycling precisely where the people are and keep the surroundings clean. Cities can take advantage of shared space in the smart waste stations to organize other technologies without adding clutter in dense city areas.

The main infrastructure has a demonstrated form factor and provides a multi-purpose platform capable of accommodating Smart City technologies and wireless equipment visible to the public. City-wide placements enhance the urban experience. Power Electronics partners with US based Big Belly solution that provides a public right-of-way platform to deliver Smart City solutions and host communications infrastructure.

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