The future proofed technology – Variable Message Signs

vms portable

The Variable Message System developed by MassTrans is a great example of technology used to solve problems faced by mankind. One of the main nuisances in cities today is poor traffic management. This system caters to solve the problem of traffic in and around the world, be it inside the city or on the highway.

The VMS boards of MassTrans are an example of business excellence and software development capabilities. This state of the art variable message sign board is decisively built for various applications. It assists the authorities in passing on the message to the drivers. There are both portable as well as fixed VMS boards to display messages wherever required.

These boards come with easy programming facilities and this can be done by both wired and wireless connectivity to display the message that helps the drivers to move smoothly and ease traffic congestion.

Variable Message signs are available in single, dual and multicolour LED and their matrix size and pixel itch can also be changed. These weather-proof boards have bright LEDs for better viewing angles even in bright sunlight. They come with automatic brightness control to adjust to the ambient light. They come with special lens cover for glare free viewing. Power Electronics are pioneers of LED Destination displays for buses in India.

There are two types of display boards – fixed and portable unit. All the VMS boards can be powered by mains, battery or by solar panels. It enables these boards to be installed virtually anywhere and even in the most remote location away from the electrical connectivity.

The VMS signboards can be connected to the computers both by wired and wireless connection for easy programming and delivery of display content. They conform to all the standards required by some of the specific countries. The VMS boards are designed to save maximum energy. It is robust in design, is durable and needs very little maintenance.

One can customize both height and width of these boards. The easy to use software developed by MassTrans allows the operators to modify the messages and the style of their fonts and display patterns very easily. It also supports intelligent backend data collection and analysis if required. It is also made adept in traffic detection, monitoring and video surveillance.

The dynamic message signs allow the agencies to give quick information to the people about any accident or mishap. These displays are used on highways, city roads, special restricted areas, etc. On highways, these are used to display lane selection, toll points, bridge or tunnel, turn off points, any accident or inconvenience due to landslides, mudslides, etc.

MassTrans variable message signs are developed after intensive research and development. The technology is future proofed to be ready for all the current as well as emerging requirements of dynamic traffic management systems all over the world.

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