Importance of Variable Message Signs


LED Variable signs are smart way of broadcasting information using signboards that can be mounted on a wall, or fixed in planks or a gantry. These variable message display boards are especially used to deliver message to the drivers about lane condition, indicate them about construction work, speed limit or any important information that requires to be communicated. With advancement of technology, these sign boards can work independently or controlled by the wireless communication systems. Temporary variable message signage is often used to indicate on mobile trailers for traffic diversions and warnings.

As more and more people are recognizing the importance of this signage, the VMS are now available with LED and LCD technology. Using this latest and extremely efficient technology, the required information is now more readily displayed to the motorists, pedestrians and vehicle owners. This altogether has improved road safety.

Importance of variable message signs

Variable message signs can be used in different traffic situations as they have play a huge role in increasing road safety keeping in mind the growing traffic conditions. The exceptional signage is made with vehicle activated sign to conform to the VMS guidelines and international standards for VMS. Warning Sings, traffic information, and appeals can be clearly shown to the audience despite bad weather conditions, and high volumes or traffic.

How LED technology can help achieve high visibility of traffic signs

These LED signboards are well suited to the major roads, deployment along rural highways, roadways because of their better visual performance. LED message signboards are a great way to indicate radar speed sign and meet the requirement stipulated in the international standards for luminance and contrast of message signage. Using Masstrans expertise in delivery of LED technology combined with the ability to advise/alter the message via telephone or GPS, this product provides a flexible and efficient mobile advisory system.

Because of improved contrast and luminance the LED technology makes it possible to attain clear visibility of radar speed sign and traffic signals from a considerable distance. The clear display face in greater resolution and smooth screen also prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris.

The LED & LCD technology is the most optimum solution for the needs of local authorities in urban locations. The bright screen technology with great resolution enables all motorists, pedestrians and other road users to see the display from a particular angle. The major reason why traffic safety experts recommend using LED variable message signs in routeing systems as well. These are also being used in large shopping complexes, malls, and multi-storey parking facilities. The smooth and bright display screen has been proven extremely effective for advertising as well, since it is visible to larger audience and there is no chance for dirt and snow to reduce the visibility of the information written.

LCD technology is now being used more frequently as the display technology for broadcasting information and for parking guidance systems. The lightweight designs of LCD displays are gaining more popularity because they offer an excellent contrast and visibility even in full sunlight. The visibility of displayed message and information are clearly legible in complete darkness as well.

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