What you should know about Variable Message Signs

vms portable

One of the most talked about topics today is the variation which technology has brought in our lives, from roads to railways, from ships to airways, technology has entered deep in every sector and influenced the way the work was done. One of the key developments in the field of traffic management is Variable Message Signs. We all are familiar with the issues of traffic jams in our cities. Often we are uninformed of the construction going on, on the roads, leading traffic jams and accidents. The most recently is the metro construction going on extensively everywhere. The solution for this is Variable Message signs by MassTrans, a step towards Intelligent Traffic Management in our cities. Government authorities are incorporating ITM or Intelligent Traffic Management is to streamline the traffic flow.

The VMS or Variable Messaging Sign is an integral part of intelligent traffic management solutions. These digital boards are illuminated with LED of various colours and inform the traffic about the status of the road, weather conditions, traffic conditions, alternate routes etc.

All-in-all, this small board is a minim directory which helps the drivers and commuters to sail through the road traffic without confusion.


Why do you need VMS or Variable Messaging Signs?

With regards to road traffic, overseeing large amount of vehicles flowing day in and day out is an overwhelming task by manual endeavors, however, with the help of a technological aid, this can be streamlined. VMS or Variable Messaging Signs are intelligent electronic display boards for road traffic management. VMS’s are known by various names, some of the common ones include dynamic messaging signs, matrix signs, digital display boards etc.

The objective of variable message signs is to keep people updated with the information and to convey a single message to many people at a time. This system could be used in emergency situations (for example: floods, landslides, road accidents) or to advise of roadworks, upcoming traffic issues, variable speed advice or weather alerts.

Classification of VMS:

Let’s look at the available options depending on individual requirements:

  • Permanent or Stationary VMS- As the name implies, these are stationary VMS which is fixed at a particular place. The information here can be changed manually, mechanically or electro-mechanically. It can be used to display information about traffic crashes, road work, highway features like toll booth weather condition, alternate route etc.
  • Portable VMS- The VMSs are movable and can be shifted from one place to another. It helps in giving information related to speed limit, road conditions, traffic status etc.
  • Trailer mounted VMS- These are kind of movable VMS which are mounted on a trailer.

It clearly shows that VMS’s are one the best ways to enhance traffic management and traffic flow on the road. More and more traffic authorities are now relying on this system to streamline the traffic and remove the loopholes.

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