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Power Electronics’ Highway Traffic Management System provides an innovative solution by utilizing state-of-the-art system technologies. We aim to provide an end-to-end solution for Intelligent and Advanced Traffic Management System.

Power Electronics’ HTMS is a comprehensive and scalable platform for transportation management solutions that offers intelligence, insight and system-wide information integration. It provides centralized management of traffic operations by using data that is collected.

All our products match the specifications of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) by the National Highways Authority of India – NHAI

Variable message/Toll/Lane Control Signs

VMS - highway.png

VMS, or Variable Message Signs, are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management. They allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic. They can be used to display incident and accidents information, hazard and traffic restrictions, weather and road conditions information, traffic and travel information at Road Infrastructure like Express Highways, Toll, Tunnel and Bridges.

MassTrans offers fully solar powered Variable Message Signs which are available in Amber or five colour Full Matrix Display. They are easy to create & updating messages is carried out using VMS DesignerTM Software. One can track & manage entire fleet from a remote PC using VMS Fleet ManagerTM Software.

Our variable message signs are most efficient for local traffic management, roadwork safety and are a very effective advertising tool at road infrastructure like Express Highways, Toll, Tunnel and Bridges.

Lane conrol sign.jpg

Lane Control Signs are specific variable road traffic signs for lane control. Normally based on graphic messages, with a light design, these signs are relatively small in dimension, allowing easy installation and configuration for different road infrastructures, like tunnels, bridges, highways, toll plazas, road crossings and interchanges. They are used to display lane open/close/change messages, variable traffic restriction (bus / truck), and variable speed limit, hazard lane signalization at special road infrastructures like tunnels, bridges, highways, toll plazas, road crossings and interchanges.

Toll Signs are specific electronic signs for lane control and driver information at toll plazas. These electronic signs are purpose-designed and built for toll collection area requirements. Each electronic sign can be controlled as a standalone device, linked to the tollbooths equipment, or as part of a network, integrated in the toll control system. These signs are used for lane type identification, free flow lane information, toll pricing information and Safety information.

Incident Detection System

navtec radar1

Radar based automatic incident detection system for highways helps improve safety and traffic flow as well as enabling SMART Highways around the world. By alerting control rooms to incidents in real-time, a response can be initiated quickly thereby reducing the chance of a secondary incident   occurring. Our sensor scans 360°, 4 times a second and covers up to 1 km of road length. All lanes in both directions can be covered by a single sensor. It continuously monitors average speeds and vehicle counts to provide accurate traffic data for analysis. It accurately tracks vehicles, pedestrians and debris and generates alarms if any of the configurable conditions are met. The low false alarm rate and accurate tracking leads to users placing a high degree of trust in the system.

Operation of our radar signals is unaffected by weather conditions including fog, smoke, sandstorms,   rain   and   snow.   The technology also operates in all light levels, ranging from the Sun’s glare to complete darkness. The sensor can be placed in accessible areas and has very low power emission.

Automatic Traffic Counters & Classifiers


ATCC keeps a count of vehicles for a specific highway segment. Along with this the vehicles can be classified according to their classes. Passive Infrared or Radar technology is used for automatic traffic counters and classifiers. Acquisition and processing of traffic data is crucial for instant management of traffic flow. Traffic data is collected and automatically transmitted to a secure server where they are available to any third-party device with Internet connection through http web-interfaces. An ATCC counts in real time the traffic flow. It is able to detect speed, queues, congestions, and classify vehicles. Information obtained is divulged through the VMS. It therefore provides assistance to drivers making them aware of traffic conditions, helping them make decisions to avoid hazards to their advantage. In principle, by respecting the speed limit, lots of highway accidents can be avoided.

ANPR / speed camera ANPR / speed camera


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) as the name suggests, are high resolution intelligent cameras that help detect number plates of cars. These help in sending radar based information back to the control centre, in case of traffic rules violation. The camera performs high quality image capturing with the help of integrated illumination; while the processing unit executes license plate recognition, data storage and automatic self-control and allows remote access. While digital cameras can be used as the primary means of speed detection when combined with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) average-speed camera systems, their use is more commonly restricted to evidence gathering where speeding offences are detected.

Solar powered Emergency Call Box

ecb - highway

Emergency Call Box ( ECB ) is strategically placed throughout the highways for the road users. It is intended to be used by the highway users for security & emergency communication needs as an aid to seek urgent help and assistance. It provides quick and reliable hands free communication with no batteries or external power requirement. The product is compatible with common central station monitoring equipment and a voice memory of 16seconds. It has the capability to dial up to 5 emergency numbers.

Portable Weigh in Motion


Portable Weigh in Motion by MassTrans covers the most demanding and broad requirements with respect to accuracy, reliability, software features, multi-lane and free-flow functionality and also long lifetime in daily traffic on the road network. Weigh-in-motion system uses sensors embedded in the road (inductive loops and weight detection sensors) and proprietary evaluation electronics. Our product offers a high precision output for multi-lane free-flow and a customizable vehicle classification. Customers can also select among different software features and combination of sensors to cover most of their needs when it comes to measuring the vehicles load.

Meteorological Sensors

met sensors.jpg

Meteorological sensors monitors a variety of environmental parameters like wind direction and speed, air pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, road surface temperature, precipitation and visibility. Relative humidity is measured by means of a capacitive sensor element, a precision NTC measuring element is used to measure air temperature. Precipitation is measured by a 24 GHZ Doppler radar. Ultrasonic sensor technology is used to take wind measurements.

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