Smart solutions for smart traffic management

traffic control.jpg

With an objective to ensure safety, reduced and hassle-free travel time, and smooth traffic flow, Power Electronics offers highly advanced road traffic technologies and solutions by MassTrans.

The main aim of our Smart Traffic Management System is providing solutions that enable concessionaires, highway operators or government officials to take measures and steps resulting in improving the safety of road users, the traffic flow and increasing the efficiency of the transportation system, economic productivity and enhancing mobility.

Mentioned below are some of our highly advanced road traffic technologies used in smart cities today.

ANPR and Red light Enforcement Camera


ANPR cameras are re-defining traffic management. Providing real-time information to transport authorities and commuters enables the reduction of traffic delays and reduces the risks to thousands of commuters on the roads daily. ANPR is the “heart” of any ITS system. The technology is used by various police forces as well. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) as the name suggests, are high resolution intelligent cameras installed at traffic points, and at major squares throughout the city to help detect number plates of cars, average speed and red light violations. These help in sending radar based information back to the control centre that issues an automatic challan, in case of traffic rules violation and blacklisting of cars. Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras by MassTrans offer quick and easy integration and 100% reliability.

Acoustic Pedestrian Signal

ped signal

Acoustic pedestrian signal has an Electronic Front Panel Touch susceptible and vandal proof Electronic Front Panel. It contains pushbutton, speaker & pushbutton locator tone Direction arrow in the upper lid that points out the exact walking direction. Acoustic Pedestrian signal is made to meet the requirements of any pedestrian, including those with some kind of disability like impaired hearing or vision. No one is to be prevented from crossing the street where there is a pedestrian signal by MassTrans. Visit to know about the different types of signals offered.

Adaptive Traffic Controller

adaptive traffic control

Enabling traffic signals adapt to actual traffic demand, adaptive traffic controller by MassTrans is an intelligent transportation system delivering smart traffic light control systems, customized for a particular traffic situation within a particular city. Intelligent adaptive traffic control includes on-line monitoring, status control and failure management. This system allows a complete adaptive control and traffic flow optimization.

Road and Tunnel Studs

road studs.JPG

Road studs embedded in the road surface are used in road construction to define road edges and centrelines. The intense brightness of the LEDs makes them easily visible at distances of about 900 m under favourable conditions. Mounted close to the roads, on the edges, Led tunnels road studs provide reliable guidance through tunnel.

Speed Indicator Sign

speed limit sign.jpg

Speed Indicator Sign is an ideal solution for safety initiatives or temporary warning, making speeding drivers aware that they are exceeding the speed limit. A speed sign or display sign is termed as an interactive sign, generally constructed of a series of LED’s that displays vehicle speed for any approaching vehicle.

Variable Message Signs


A Variable Message sign is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travellers information about special events. Such signs warn against traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on a specific highway segment. VMS are used within parking guidance & information systems to guide drivers to available car parking spaces. They may also ask vehicles to take alternative routes, limit travel speed, warn of duration, location of the incidents or just inform of the traffic conditions.

Given the increasing traffic jams in our cities, these innovative intelligent traffic solutions aims at increasing situational awareness across the entire transportation network, analyze traffic performance to improve travel experience, and improve economic efficiency for the cities themselves.


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