On-board Infotainment System


On board Infotainment system by Passengera, offered by MassTrans is an all in one modular system with useful automated features to meet the basic needs of any transport provider, but it also could be customer specific to meet high demands of big transport providers. The infotainment system offered by Power Electronics (MassTrans) could contain specified software features, in-vehicle hardware, Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet connectivity, all in one box!

The central cloud based management platform simplifies fleet and content management and is highly scalable. Our infotainment server is specifically designed for its Infotainment application and extends its functionalities in all-in-one unit on board. Innovative platform that helps better utilize on board Wi-Fi and generates values for passengers and transport operators. Now you can enjoy a customized selection of innovative content like watching your favourite movies, seeing your favourite TV serials, playing games, listening to music, reading e-books, magazines and being updated with the latest news and happening around you resulting in an overall improved passenger experience.


Keeping in mind passenger convenience, this user friendly infotainment system allows you access to the actual route info, sending you a notification about the delays and also acts as a travel guide to learn about your destinations, explore interesting points around your route giving you tips for your stay, food, drinks and much more. Information about delays, alternative routes or other relevant facts guarantees a smooth journey for the individual passenger, increasing the wide-spread acceptance of public transport in the process. Also by utilizing your passengers’ own mobile devices – no matter if it is a laptop, handheld, mobile phone or tablet PC – you can offer them the level of luxury and comfort in entertainment.

Passengera’s infotainment system is also very easy to operate because it is lightweight, non-intrusive, quickly integrated and all content is managed by a central server.

On-board Infotainment platform could run on passenger devices in buses, trains, planes, boats, taxis, but it could also run on fixed screens or on any Digital Media Signage system. Now you can easily enhance your travel by bus, rail, plain or ship by turning your mobile devices into on board entertainment or should we say infotainment platform.


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